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Leading Door Manufacturers in Toronto, Canada

For more than 27 years, Hollywood Door Centre has helped homeowners and business owners across North America achieve beautiful and durable front entry door solutions, featuring the highest-quality craftsmanship, innovative functionality, and elegant design.

At Hollywood Door Centre, we cater to commercial and residential clients across Canada and the USA, and take pride in producing and distributing decorative glass, wrought-iron, and security custom doors solutions. Since 1994, we have made it a priority to understand each of our clients’ unique needs, and work hand-in-hand to design one-of-a-kind solutions for every budget.

If you are looking to elevate the look of your home or business with a beautiful, high-quality front entry door solution, Hollywood Door Centre is here for you!

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    Premium Quality Entry Doors by Hollywood Door Centre

    Hollywood Door Centre offers a wide variety of front entry doors and custom-designed doors. The doors that we produce are guaranteed top quality and made of the finest materials here in the USA. By working with Hollywood Door Centre, you deal with professionals that have over 10 years of expertise in the door manufacturing industry. We offer:

    Fibreglass Custom Doors

    Here at Hollywood Door Centre, we cater to a wide range of fibreglass entry door needs. By adding our fibreglass doors to your home or building, you not only get a boost in aesthetics but a high-performance entry door. Our wide range of fibreglass doors allows the addition of a variety of shapes and colours for your door glass.

    We also offer flush door panels. That is an optimal solution in terms of price and quality versus glass doors. Talk to one of our representatives to learn more about fibreglass entry doors.

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    Steel Entry Doors

    Adding the aesthetic touch to your home or building is not the only thing we do at Hollywood Door Centre. With our steel entry doors, we give you the security and protection you deserve!

    If you are thinking of boosting your home’s security, then choose steel entry doors. With Hollywood Door Centre, you are in the right hands. Thanks to our trusted professionals with many years of experience, we can provide you with the necessary information, tips and secure metal doors to protect your home at very affordable prices. Call us today to learn more about steel doors.

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    Hardware / Locks

    If you only have a limited budget, there is no room for compromise when it comes to doors. That is why Hollywood Door Centre offers a wide variety of commodity doors for you. Our select range of commodity doors can provide a perfect low maintenance solution and substitute for your broken wood entry doors.

    Remember to give a call to Hollywood Door Centre when you are looking for commodity doors. Our collection of carefully crafted commodity doors are designed so that it can cater to all possible requirements at a very affordable price.

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    Security Bullet Proof Door

    Security Bullet Proof Doors

    Included in our wide variety of door products are our high-quality entry wood doors. Hollywood Door Centre offers a broad range of wood exterior doors in standard and custom sizes for your renovation and construction needs, both for residential and commercial purposes.

    We only use wood of the best quality and our great variety of available wood choices provides our customers with multiple choices. Together with our designers, you can enjoy a variety of wood exterior door designs that would look great while protecting your home or your building. Interested in wood exterior doors?

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    Commercial Doors

    As a top choice for door manufacturers, Hollywood Door Centre caters to a multitude of applications when it comes to entry doors. One of which is garden doors. We have an exclusive collection of our very own custom-designed garden door systems that not only adds elegance to a room but gives it comfort as well.

    We offer single, double or triple panel doors that are equipped with built-in sliding screens which allows you to open up your space and bring in the fresh air and natural light into your home or building. When it comes to garden doors, we got you. Get a quote now.

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    Commercial Door

    Why Choose Hollywood Door Centre

    At Hollywood Door Centre, we only offer cutting-edge and premium quality entry doors and fibreglass door systems. With years of experience, we have established leadership in the market by giving outstanding service while continuing to provide unparalleled product perfection.

    As the years go by, we only aim to welcome innovation and be at the forefront of the constantly changing market demands for entry doors. Being recognized as a leading door manufacturer comes with the responsibility of fulfilling the interests of our clients, and thanks to our history and experience, we have been credited as a prominent provider in this industry.

    Our Latest Projects

    Having a hard time deciding which siding, windows and doors are right for your home? Browse our gallery to see what’s made our customers happy for all our years of business.

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    By choosing Hollywood Door Centre, you can be confident that you have picked the best entry door provider around!

    We take pride in our work and all our products, and when you choose Hollywood Door Centre, you are sure to get the best there is.

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