Secure your Family with Best Security Lock for Entry door

Unfortunately, today’s home invasions is on the rise and security is no longer an option. It’s a necessity.

That’s why you need Multipoint System – an ultra-resistant 3-point locking mechanism for steel or fiberglass door specially designed to increase entrance security.

By ordering the Multipoint System you get: outstanding security, exceptional weatherproofing, superior durability.

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Multipoint Security System Advantages

Our steel or fiberglass door are designed and built specifically to accept a Multipoint Door locking system.

mecanism multipoint loock

Energy Saving & Increase Comfort

Up to 45% more airtight than a door fitted with a traditional handle (handle and deadbolt)

Durable and Solid
The Novasecure door is reinforced with a 2 1/8’’ laminated wood jamb
Pease of Mind
3 times more resistant to break-ins

Impact Test

Impact force of 850 lb at a speed of 1.7 metres per second. Corresponds to a kick or shoulder thrust of 850 lb at a speed of 5 feet/second (at a run).
Multipoint Door Security System
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